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Guests enjoying the sunset on the beach on Shuswap lake.

Your Houseboat Vacation

What is a Houseboat Vacation?

Bringing people together for the best floating holidays around, Waterway Houseboat Vacations was a staple in Sicamous for over 45 years. Now under new ownership and management, and with a new name, Sicamous Houseboats is ready to bring a fresh houseboating experience to Shuswap Lake.

As a houseboat Captain you need to be 19 years or older and hold a valid driver’s license. You do NOT need a Canadian Pleasure Craft Operating License. We give you a full orientation package before your booking begins, and again in person when you’re checking-in at the start of your trip. We’ll cover everything you need to know before hand, what to bring, what to expect, what you need to know about the houseboat, the lake, and the best beaches to create the memories of a lifetime.

What are the Houseboat’s like?

Houseboats are large vessels, some sleeping up to thirty guests. They have multiple sleeping cabins, but space is optimized for entertainment, living & eating, while space to sleep is at premium so those cabins can be small but are comfortable. If you have any concerns about the size or space, we can provide detailed layouts of every vessel.

What to bring?

The kitchens on our houseboats are stocked with plates, bowls, cutlery, glasses and cookware. We’ll provide the biodegradable shampoo & soap that are safe to use on the lake and toilet paper, but you’ll need to bring everything else, your food & beverages, towels and bedding, extra deck chairs for the beach. For a full list of items that you should consider bringing, please see below.

It’s best to be prepared before starting your trip. When you arrive at the marina you may have realized you forgot something important. We may have a small concession that could offer basic items, but if you forgot your specialty coffee or favourite toothpaste you may be out of luck. Make a list of everything you for sure want to bring with you before you start packing. Plan out your meals and your snacks and try to keep it easy and simple. This will help ensure your houseboat vacation is a memorable one, instead of one spent worrying about why you forgot to bring beer.

Speaking of beer… having a drink on the boat or the beaches can really help one relax. It is important not to bring glass bottles, only bring cans or plastic bottles for the beach and please help keep the beaches pristine by having a conscientious system for empty cans and other litter and debris. Drinking & driving is illegal and drinking while driving a houseboat is also no exception. Captains need to be alert and on the watch for other houseboats and swifter moving boats, jet skis, paddle boarders, swimmers or other obstacles that may be on the lake. As a boat driver staying sober and on the lookout will help protect the safety of your fellow boaters and others on the lake.

Here is a quick list of what you should bring along:

  • Our mattresses are vinyl covered to help us ensure they’re kept clean and easy to maintain. You should bring along bedding, pillows, sleeping bags or other bedding options to keep yourself comfortable.
  • You’re on the lake, you’re going to be swimming! You’ll need to bring along enough towels to ensure you have a dry one especially since you may be in the water multiple times each day.
  • Bring along wash clothes to help keep clean.
  • Chances are good you’re going to have a tan at the end of your trip! Make sure you have enough sunscreen to avoid any burns.
  • Bring along a family first aid kit in case of any scrapes or cuts, bug bites, or other minor injuries. Don’t forget the bug spray just in case!
  • Always a handy companion for the beach at night or to find your way to the bathroom.
  • All of your cookware, pots & pans, spatulas, spoons, baking sheets, etc. will be onboard when you arrive. You will need to bring along your cooking spray or oil, salt & pepper and other spices, coffee & tea, juice and milk and other ingredients for all of your meals and snacks. You should also bring along paper towels, tin foil, and any Tupperware or other container for your left over meals.
  • Having some camp chairs for the upper deck or the beach are going to help ensure you're as comfortable as can be!
  • Extra storage for your food & beverages that won’t fit in the onboard fridge, or to keep handy when you’re up on deck or on the beach. Coolers filled with ice are a must!
  • From Frisbees to ball and gloves, hacky sacks to beach balls, you’re going to have the time to play some beach & water games. Bring along Settlers of Catan or other favourite board games for evenings or in case of rainy days.